Social developer with a passion for simple code

I am Reinder, I work under the name Plain Code on applications and dashboards for automating business processes. I do this with simple and effective code. I feel at home in both the front- and backend of applications. For this, I use programming languages like TypeScript and Go, but I also have a lot of experience with PHP projects.

I believe in open communication and constructive thinking. I am independent but also work well in a team. Looking for a freelance developer for your project? Feel free to contact me.

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About me

8+ years of experience as a developer

I have over 8 years of professional experience in software development, but I've been programming since the age of 13. It's still my biggest hobby.

It's my passion to keep developing myself. I am happy with code that is easy to read and modify. I also think it's important to have knowledge of multiple programming languages because it broadens my perspective and allows me to use multiple tools to achieve a good result. Additionally, I like to use code quality tools to automatically check my code.

When I started programming, I mainly worked on the frontend. I turned my designs for an application or website into a working interface. However, I quickly missed the dynamics, such as data from a database. So I started working on the backend as well. I have always continued to develop myself in both frontend and backend. It makes me happy when I can seamlessly connect these two worlds.

I can work well independently, but I also enjoy working in a team. I prefer to work from home where I can focus well. It also gives me the opportunity to work throughout the country without travel time. Fortunately, with the many tools available, working with others is not hindered at all.

My work

Do more in the same amount of time

Automation can be a great help with repetitive tasks. In some tasks, such as calculations, a computer is much better than humans. In these circumstances, it can be a great time saver.

That is my goal: automating tasks to free up time for humans to focus on areas where they excel. Like social interaction, creative expression, brainstorming new ideas... or an extra hour at the gym.

My daily activities include:

  • Contributing to architectural choices and data structures
  • Designing workflows with automatic code checks.
  • Developing backend systems, interfaces, and CLI tools
  • Developing custom integrations with third-party APIs
  • Writing automated tests (unit or end-to-end)
  • Configuring databases and developing automated database migrations
  • Configuring automated integration (using GitHub Actions or GitLab Devops)

I make use of:

  • Programming Languages

    TypeScript, Go, PHP, CSS, HTML, SQL

  • Frameworks

    SvelteKit, React, Symfony

  • Code Quality & Tests

    Vitest/Jest, ESLint, Go testing, PHPStan, PHPUnit, Cypress

  • Databases

    MySQL, MariaDB

  • Tools

    Vite, Go CLI, Composer, Prettier, Docker, Babel

TypeScript language
Go language
PHP language
SvelteKit framework
React framework
Symfony framework

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